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Subs for 2024 / 2025

£20.00  Striders Subs
£39.00  Subs + UKA
£20.00  Junior Subs
£19.00  UKA Top Up

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You can pay your own subs and at the same time also pay for others such as family members or partners if you so wish.

If you did not pay your subs last year your membership has lapsed, if you were running with the club you're a tad naughty, but thankfully can easily redeem yourself by paying for both last year and this year in the same transaction, just add yourself twice before checking out, it's a simple as that. 

You will receive a Nochex payment receipt straight away and the normal club renewal acknowledgement within 24 to 48 hours.

Your own  renewal should change your status automatically once your payment goes through, if you pay for others their status will change once the club confirmation comes through. Any problems at all please ping me an email