Junior Championship 2019

Stamford Striders Juniors began to experience and enjoy competitive running by taking part in our first Juniors Championship in 2017 and this is now an established element of Striders.

      There is no obligation to take part - it is completely optional, yet open to all Junior club members, regardless of ability.
      The fastest time does not necessarily get the highest position.To allow for differences in age, positions are decided by the percentage outcome of the age grading calculator which uses international statistics based on a large number of races that have taken place worldwide (Ref: WMA Age grading calculator 2006, updated 2010).
Points are allocated separately to boys and girls: 50 for the winner, 49 for 2nd and so on.
Five races must be completed to qualify for the championship.
There is nothing to stop you entering more than five, in which case your best five results will count.
You must enter as a Stamford Strider.
Please note that parents are responsible for getting Junior members to and from races and for staying with and supervising their own children.
The Peterborough GP Series are held on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and cost £3 to enter. For more details visit the GP Series website - you may also find additional details on the individual club websites (ours and Nene Valley Harriers') that are listed below.
The other races vary according to the organising club.
For more information ask one of the coaches or  e-mail Junior Co-ordinator Becca Stubbs.

Race Organiser Date Notes
Bourne Rotary 'Run in the Woods' 3k Bourne Rotary 14th April Adult championship round
Langtoft Road Run 3k Langtoft Road Race & Fun Run5th May
Little Bytham Farm Run 5k Multi-terrain, small & friendly feel 26th May Adult championship round
Peterborough Grand Prix 3k
(Ferry Meadows)
Nene Valley Harriers 5th June
Peterborough Grand Prix 3k
Eye Runners 19th June
Peterborough Grand Prix 3k
(Ferry Meadows)
Thorney Running Club 3rd July
Peterborough Grand Prix 3k
Stamford Striders 17th July
Peterborough Grand Prix 3k
Werrington Joggers 31st July
Riverside Runners Fun Run 2k
(St Neots)
Riverside Runners 4th Aug Adult championship round
Park Run 5k
(Rutland Water)
Rutland Water Park Run 21st Sep Adult championship round
Anna's Hope Fun Run 5k
Perkins Great Eastern Run 13th Oct Adult championship round
Peterborough Park Run (5k) Park Run 9th Nov