Club Standards

Rank Yourself within Striders
Club Standards are goal times to help you challenge and encourage yourself. They let you work out how you're doing in your running right now - bearing in mind the thing none of us can reduce is our age. 

Our seven standards are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Super Platinum and can be achieved by running races at any three of  5k, 10k, 10 miles, half marathon and marathon distances.

How to work out your Club Standard
  1. New interactive standards are coming soon, giving times required for each for standard and each distance for your age on race day. As an interim measure you can download an Excel spreadsheet so can see what you need to do to achieve each of the standards at each of the distances for your age. Note that the file is Macro enabled so you will have to enable editing and probably unblock it depending on how your computer is set up. In Windows simply right click on the file, click properties and tick unblock.
  2. Use your best race times for this calendar year, or last calendar year.  At the end of December 2024 the 2023 year will drop off the radar. A blistering PB from the past doesn't count. Note that official race results times are what count, to achieve a standard your published result must equal or better the time in the grid. Please do not trouble our moderate with requests to turn a blind eye if your result is one, or even a few seconds over, just run a bit faster in the next race.
  3. Where the official race distance is not the same as the standard (by up to half a mile) then your time will be adjust pro rata to the nearest second above, based on the quoted distance of the race. This is to allow for the fact that very often cross country races do not exactly match the nominal distance - for example the 2021 Nene Valley 10 is stated as 10.4 miles. Runners watch distances (or times) will not be used.
  4. To achieve a Club Standard you need three or more results at that level (or better) at three different distancese.g. 5k Gold, 10k Gold, half marathon Diamond would qualify you for Gold. Similarly, 5k Diamond, 10k Diamond, 10 Mile Platinum, marathon Bronze would qualify you for Diamond. 
  5. Finally, email your race times and a link to the race's official results page to our Striders Standards Verifier for verification along with your name and date of birth and you will soon appear on our Club Standards page. Claims may be submitted for single races or for multiples to catch up initially. The moderators job will be easier if lots of Striders claim for a race promptly after the race. Note that Club Standards are for paid up Striders, you might be lucky and get away with it but the only way to be sure that a result counts is for you to have been paid up on the date of the race.