Approaching Hill sessions

Hill sessions while they can have a fantastic training and strength building benefit, are also very demanding on the body. If not approached correctly, done infrequently or recovered properly from, then the risk of injury can be high**
Please also make sure to do drills (incredibly important) a good warm up, good stretching and to refuel well ASAP after each session. Running is a holistic sport. Treat your body well in general and you'll get the benefits from hard sessions like these.
General tips:
--Relax arms and shoulders when running down
--Take 15 seconds or so at the end of each rep to get your heart rate back
--Stay nice and tall. Think about your arm drive, head up, and be confident. Don't tense your shoulders either
-- Like tempos, aim for consistency. But no shame in easing into session either by starting slightly slower.
--You don't have to aim for time on each rep for the whole session. Run to a point and time it, see where you end up, and then try to run to the same point for the remainder of the session. Not worrying about hitting that time can make you concentrate more on form, pace and breathing. Reducing stress factors like this in running is a great training benefit and something I recommend. Some Hill sessions to try out:
**Unless specified otherwise, all the recoveries are a jog back to the start after each rep*
12 x 30 seconds
8 min, 6 min, 4 min continuous off 2 min rest after each.
8 x 1 min
20 min continuous (don't completely jog down the hill but run steady enough to recover for the next uphill effort).
10 min, 3 min rest, 10 min
5 x 90 seconds off jog back, 2 min rest, 4 x 20 seconds
8 min continuous, 2 min rest, 8 min continuous, 2 min rest. 5 x 20 seconds
10 min continuous, 3 min rest, 6 min continuous, 3 min rest, 5 x 30 seconds
7 x 90 seconds
10 x 40 seconds
5 x 3 min off 90 seconds rest (can be a continuous up and down on a smaller hill if easier).
8 x 20 seconds (ran at speed so recommended a slow jog back)
8 x 30 seconds/20 seconds
5 x 50 seconds, 4 x 1 min -
3 x 1 min, 2 min, 3 x 1 min
3 x 2 min, 2 x 30 seconds