Joining Striders

Who can join Striders ?

There are really only two things that you need to qualify to become a Strider

    1    Be over 18 to join the main club or between 9 and 18 to apply to join our Junior Striders.

    2    Be able to run or want to run - you don't have to be fast or an athletic mega-star.

There is actually a third thing you need, and that is the desire to meet and run with other runners.  We are quite a social club and hold various events through the year, although in fairness our primary activity is running in one form or another.

There is no requirement to attend any specific number of training sessions, in fact no formal requirement to do anything at all, you could just be a social member, although pretty well everyone in the club runs sometimes.

Please note that the remainder of this page is related to anyone aged 18 or over, for details of joining Junior Striders please have a look at Junior Striders  

What do I do first ?

The best way to see if you like us and our friendly ways is to come along and run as a guest on a Tuesday training session or two. In fairness you need to be able to run around 5 miles at a modest pace, with stops to catch your breath. If you don't run at all at the moment then the best thing to do is to come along to our free 10 week Beginners Course which we run each spring.

How do I join Striders ?

Pretty easy - simply fill in our application form and bring it along with your subs on a running night, cash or cheque are fine, please bring in a sealed envelope. Very soon we will be moving to on line membership and subs payments. For now you can get the form by clicking this link

How much does it cost ?

Subs for a year or part year are £20 - yes that's all it costs. We don't do split years but we don't charge a joining fee either.  If you want personal UKA competitive registration then there is an extra £14 to pay - which we pass on in full to the UKA.

What happens next

We hold committee meetings around once per month and one of our tasks is to approve new applicants into the club. 

Once you have handed in your form & subs just keep coming along, it's as simple as that.

Any questions ping me an e-mail to Membership Secretary

Robin Ball
Membership Secretary
Stamford Striders