Club Position
5th January 2021

Did anyone like the tiers and their convoluted boundaries in and around Stamford ? - well the good news is that tiers have gone (into hiding?) and it's now much simpler. The bad news, well we won't repeat it here, unless you have been away on a remote holiday you know what it is ...... 

For anyone who wants to look at the long list of what we cannot do and the short list of what we can do I suggest you while away a couple of minutes having a look at the latest guidance from England Athletics. A better idea would be to snuck on your trainers and get out for a run.

The bright spot in all of this is that we can still exercise, alone or with a friend which means we can still organise virtual events that include real, physical, hot and sweaty running, or more like it chilly sweaty running with today's weather.

Enormous thanks to Ed for his fantastic 5 mile team challenge that is swimming along very nicely. Watch out for more virtual running soon.

Robin Ball
Club Vice Chairman
Covid 19 co-ordinator

31st December

As Stamford is now in Tier 4 all Senior training sessions are suspended in accordance with England Athletics guidance. Covid secure sessions for under 18s are permitted in non public places so juniors are expected to continue once the senior schools are back. 

Unlimited exercise alone or with one other is encouraged so however you do it, wherever you do it, in ones or twos, Striders are there with you on your shoulder encouraging and supporting you all the way, keep it going - your running matters !!

Virtual events will continue and more are planned - watch this space.

Club activities are based on the England Athletics guidance, the latest update was just after Tier 4 was introduced, so an update is expected but it seems unlikely that there will be any relaxation of restrictions just at the moment.

20th December

England Athletics have updated their guidance to include the new Tier 4. 

Tier 3 does not appear to be affected so Club Junior & Senior Tuesday sessions and Thursday Seniors track sessions can continue as 'normal'.

According to the existing rules under 18s, coaches and leaders are allowed to cross tier boundaries for training session but over 18s are not.

It does appear that Tier 4 is knocking on Stamford's door and that that the whole of the Peterborough Unitary Area is included which covers Wothorpe, Barnack, Bainton and of course our beloved Burghley Park.

See England Athletics for further information.

27th November

Updated England Athletics Guidance has been published click this link to see for yourself !

We are delighted to announce that when LD2 ends we can restart our “Covid Secure” club sessions including Juniors.  There are some new rules but even in Tier 3 we can run as a club again!!!

The new rules (on top of the old rules ) :

  • People travelling for training are not allowed to cross between Tiers with two notable exceptions :
            Under 18’s are allowed to cross Tier boundaries for training.
            Leaders and Coaches are allowed to cross Tier boundaries for the purpose of delivering coaching and running activity.
            This means that sadly our Seniors sessions are limited to members who live in Lincolnshire.
  • Our routes must not cross the County Line. The Lincolnshire boundary is surprisingly convoluted around Stamford but this barely affects our town routes in the winter – Borderville and the Cattle Market are in Lincolnshire.

On Tuesday nights we will continue to split into sub groups of six with gaps of around 20 secs between sub groups. Technically it’s not a requirement but it does help with how we are perceived.

The situation is of course very fluid and could change at short notice.

Robin Ball
Club Vice Chairman
Covid 19 co-ordinator

4th November

England Athletics have today confirmed exactly what we expected when we suspended group running.  From tomorrow Thursday 5th November we can only run in public spaces with people from our own household or with one other person. For full details see the latest EA page As the saying goes - it is what it is. 
EA are continuing to lobby Government for clarity especially for under 18s but for the moment virtual events & challenges are the only things we can do as a club. 

1st November

I guess it is no big surprise, but with lockdown imminent, all Stamford Striders activities are now suspended. We technically could have run on Tuesday but do not think it fits with the spirit of the intentions of lockdown. Therefore, until we have guidance from England Athletics that we can run again as a club, both Seniors and Juniors will not be meeting. 
We will post on our Facebook Group soon with some little individual challenges, similar to what we did before, to hopefully keep your running mojo up.

Nick Wells
Club Chairman

31st October

We continue to monitor the situation continuously, so far there has been no change in England Athletics advice covering our club sessions.

In recent days England Athletics has published a new tabular format Covid 19 Tier Restrictions document.

The latest overall guidance with links to an almost infinite amount of documentation on the England Athletics Guidance Update.

Robin Ball
Covid 19 co-ordinator

10th July

All change = no change

England Athletics have updated their advice to say that there is no change to recommendations for running club activity following the latest lock down relaxations. Watch this space but don't hold your breath or you will turn blue.

You can read the full detail here.

Robin Ball
Covid 19 co-ordinator

1st June

As expected England Athletics has today issued an update
 Guidance update for restricted return to activity (for coaches, leaders, athletes, runners and facilities) - step 2

The key words for us are :

Following the new government advice on 29 May 2020 easing lockdown restrictions, groups of up to six people from different households will be able to meet outside in England from Monday 1 June (maintaining social distancing guidelines of 2m apart).

To read the full document click here

Nick Wells 
Club Chairman

15th May

Today England Athletics has issued revised and updated Guidance for Athletes and Runners for England.

The key words in relation to Striders or your individual running are :

Coaches and athletes running or training in a public space can take place on a one-to-one basis only (i.e. one coach and one athlete OR two athletes with no coach present). These two individuals do not need to be from the same family household, but both must adhere to the latest social distancing guidance. 

To read the full document click here

The document warns that the advice may change at any time and possibly at short notice.

Nick Wells 
Club Chairman

17th March

As we fully expected, UKA have issued a statement to all associated clubs and individual runners - full document

The key point for Striders is :

As a result, England Athletics advises that all face-to-face activity such as club training sessions, events, competitions, club committee and face-to-face meetings, athlete camps, running groups and social events should be suspended until at least the end of April.

The key point for anyone considering running with friends outside of the remit of Striders is:

Social distancing and advice

Social distancing measures (as defined by Public Health England as spending more than 15 minutes and within a 2-metre distance talking to someone) are now advised not only if we test positive or have symptoms, but in day to day life

16th March 2020

Coronavirus Update - Striders Sessions Suspended Until Further Notice

The Government request today is that we should all avoid unnecessary social contact.

Striders is first and foremost a social running club and the club committee are agreed that the only socially responsible action we can take is to suspend all Stamford Striders sessions, events and meetings until further notice, subject only to any advice to the contrary from our guiding body the UKA.

We will start to run sessions again as soon as possible under UKA advice but at this stage we do not know how many weeks away that is. 

Please treat this page as the prime source of information, we will update from time to time is the situation unfolds.

Your club committee is made up of keen and dedicated Striders, runners who are just as disappointed as you about all this, but we will be back, oh yes - we will be back !!! 
Please email any questions or comments

Nick Wells
Club Chairman