30k Postponed

Important information
Noon today was our decision time for the St Valentine’s Day 30k and, with the Met Office having Yellow warnings and winds forecast to be over 40mph all day we have postponed the 30k for one week to Sunday 23rd February, with all timings staying exactly the same.
We hope you can understand our decision. In order to postpone we had to make the decision now as we have to reorganise road closures with the Councils. There is a slight chance that the weather may turn out to be suitable this Sunday, but by making this decision now, that chance to race this weekend has passed. If we had clung on and hoped all would be well there is a very high chance of a complete cancellation. On Sunday we will be laid bare (OMG) and you will know if we made the right choice, wonderful thing hindsight.
As you can imagine we will be incredibly busy this week despite having pre-warned and confirmed that our critical event suppliers - Road Team, First Aid and Timing - would be available. It may be that some of our periphery support - Running Shop, Massage etc - is reduced or not present but we would rather the event went ahead. Likewise we will need to reconfirm or redo our volunteer plan. We have over 100 Club members helping out at the 30k and doubtless some of them will not be available by postponing, but we will manage.
We sincerely hope that you will be able to race the 30k next weekend and look forward to welcoming you to Stamford once Dennis has left town.
Mark Alderson – Race Director
Robin Ball – Safety Officer
Nick Wells – OIC Marshals and Volunteers